It's love that makes her garden grow,
With lots of pretty berries in a row,
She greets each day with a fairy glow,
She's Strawberry Shortcake,
Wouldn't you know?

+++++++++ ---Bad Eighties Cartoon Lyric

---- ----

Over the last five years or so we've seen updates of GI JOE, He-man, Transformers, and a plethora of other 80's toylines all created with the idea that the original audience had grown up and that the source material needed to be edgier. Strangely, the trend has been limited to the boy's toy lines we all grew up with. Of course, I, like probably most 80's kids, voraciously watched all the terrible 30-minute commercials, including the ones made for girls. So when it comes to edgy cartoon updates, I like my He-man bloody, my Looney Tunes vicious, and my Strawberry Shortcake by god naked. And apparently I'm not the only one, as I found this at Vance's site, Nut Hut Productions . When I first laid eyes on it, I thought it was probably the best idea ever.

The Build: Basic kit had some issues with parts fit, so I had to get creative in hiding some joints. The T-shirt and jacket are from the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby. The panties are made from hosiery and ribbon. The base was an acrylic sandwich-style picture frame and the artificial foliage is from a fake grape vine sprig. Pubic hair is made from some felt I pulled apart into fibers. Paints are enamels, acrylics, oils as per my usual. I'm very proud of her skintones and freckles, though they didn't photograph that well.