Not really my primary interest, but these have turned out to be a good bit of fun. Several of these are pieces commisioned by customers.

Hulkbuster Iron Man
Heavy metal man.

Strong Guy
Wearing a wifebeater. *Snicker*.

Telescopes to 40".

Grim Reaper
Both very grim and very reapery.

Black by popular demand!

You say goodbye, and I say Pyro.

The Leader
This is your brain. This is your brain on Gamma Rays. Any Questions?

Spider Woman
Bastardized Concepts 'R' Us

He wants to eat your brain!

Greatest American Hero
Oh yes, the Blonde afro is cool. Oh yes.

Captain Marvel
Not the dead one, the woman one.

The Marvel Universe's wackiest guy with a crowbar.

Cobra, the Enemy
Six inches of snake, baby..

Ms Marvel
It's not "missus", it's "mizzz".

Ms Marvel Version 2
Another draft of this one.

Jack O Lantern
Gourd to the last drop.

Dark, the way hawks ought to be.

He has rings and things.

I usually make stuff from scratch, but this time I made old Scratch from some stuff.